Chinese market to welcome Nigerian arts and crafts, says Envoy

The 15th International Arts and Crafts Expo (INAC) in Abuja closed on Sunday, and the Cultural Counselor of the China Cultural Centre, Mr Li Xuda, made a bold and interesting statement during the event. 

The 2022 INAC Expo was organized by the National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC). The theme is “Networking Nigerian Crafts to the World.”

Mr. Li says, in the nearest future, the Chinese market will welcome Nigerian art and crafts. 

He said that China was interested in Nigeria’s art and culture and willing to support the country in showcasing her riches to the world, as it would create a stronger relationship between the two countries.

“From today, so many things impressed me. I see the beautiful dance, the drums; the music; the arts and crafts,” he said. “I see that China in the future will open its market to Nigeria so that Nigerian arts and crafts will be exported to China and to invite your dancers to perform in China.” 

“You know, China and Nigeria have similar cultural activities as well as traditional cultural exchanges,” Li continued. “We have also hosted cultural activities like cultural week, drawing competition to learn about our two countries, to showcase their talents and at the same time we will support Nigeria cultural events. We will build our friendship and let the people of both countries know each other so that our relationship will be better and stronger.”

The Director-General of the NCAC, Otunba Segun Runsewe, received several commendations from some ambassadors and the diplomatic community at the event for organizing the expo. Some described the event as a unifying factor.

The Ambassador of Venezuela to Nigeria, Mr. David Caraballo, also shared the same views as Mr. Li Xuda. He said Venezuela and Nigeria had similar cultures and food, and the expo would enhance the cultural relationship between both countries. He said, “it is our fourth year, participating in this important international activity, organized by the National Council for Arts and Culture of Nigeria.”

“Venezuela and Nigeria have strong roots of similar culture, food, history, music and dance and this opportunity every year is important, especially after the pandemic and after COVID-19 restrictions.”

“In this expo, we present different products of Venezuela, the exportable products, like food products and services as well as products like chocolates and foods for daily use.

“We are preparing to attend the upcoming Abuja International Trade Fair in October,” Caraballo continued.

Like China and Venezuela, the Ambassador of Trinidad and Tobago to Nigeria, Mr. Wendel De Landro, also pledged his support to Otunba Segun Runsewe. He said he would promote the annual event, the relationship between the countries, and the cultures in Nigeria.