What do you know about the 3 sides of the coin? – Osaru Obaseki’s Art

Artist Statement

My art reflects my understanding of emotions towards the persona of individuals and the society at large, as well as my perspective as an observer given the freedom to espress the world as it is, as it has been and as it will always be-the irony of the opposite sides always coming into play. The world contains joy and sadness, flourish and pain, riches and hunger, which depict both sides of a coin(the possible and the obvious) and this reveals a way into my self created world of resilience and the audience sustained by art. As an artist I love the freedom of interpretation and exploration of different media and there’s always this feeling of belonging, peace and making an impact on the global society. My art depicts awareness, self awareness, repressed individualism, strength, opportunities and a sense of emerging (being reborn). My process of creating is a need which needs to be fed, leading to visualization, engaging and actualising being reflected in our journey of life. Creating is like giving birth, the act of conceiving, nurturing and producing.

What do you know about the 3rd side to a coin?

About the Artist

Osaru Obaseki, a young self taught visual artist from Edo state, is a graduate of Management Sciences, who started her artistic journey from a tender age when she crafted items out of materials, sketched, painted.

During her university days she encountered opposition in choosing her study path, which led to her B.Sc. degree in Management studies from the university of Port Harcourt in Rivers state, but this did not stop her desire and passion for art. Though still practicing art by exploring with fluid paintings while in the corporate world, after 5years of working in the corporate world she decided to quit and go into practicing art fully.

In 2016 she started interning at the Edo Global Art Center ( Nosona Studios ) under the mentor-ship of the artist director. The Nosona studios gave her a platform to be exposed to the art community and to explore more facets of art. Her continuous self discovery in arts over time has fed her sole desire to communicate and put out statements of her feelings and opinions about individuality, societal value for the girl child , female infanticide , sexuality , spirituality, societal vices, socio cultural and economical needs and this can be seen in her works.