Osaze Amadasun Creates Diverse Stories With Visual Art

Digital Self Portrait of Osaze
Digital Self Portrait of Osaze

Osaze documents and tells stories with drawing, painting, illustration and graphic design. His visual art skills are self-taught but he trained as an Architect at the University of Lagos, with a masters in Environmental design as well. You can see the diverse culture of his environment in his works.

Fela in Game of thrones
In this work, Osaze wanted to show Fela to a modern/younger audience and decided to use pop culture as an ‘aid’. The work features a mash-up of Fela and the iconic Game of Thrones poster featuring Ned Stark. In Osaze’s words, “Here, the swords from the iron throne are replaced with clenched fists, reminiscent of the black power movement Fela stood for.”
Oba in bead collar

You have probably wondered about the Benin Oba’s beaded collar. It reminds Osaze of hospital neck braces. This is inspired by Osaze’s wonder on how a conversation between a European wearing the neck brace ad the Oba would go.

Here, Osaze presents his perception of the (highly regimented) NYSC orientation camp. “This was how I felt for a large part of the programme.”

Oba of Benin - Humour

In another humorous show of Benin culture, Osaze comments- “The sword bearer couldn’t hold it in any longer, what would be his fate? Your guess is as good as mine.”