Unique Fashion Business Ideas in Nigeria for 2018

Kurating fashionThe business of fashion is exploding fast. There are so many options open to anyone looking to go into this field, ranging from modelling to starting a clothing line to opening a boutique.  However, there are several aspects to this industry that are largely untapped and under-explored in Nigeria.

If you are looking for areas of fashion that you can go into for the year 2018, then this list is for you. We have collated some viable business ideas in the fashion industry for newcomers who do not want to go into the mainstream areas.


Underwear production

We already have mass production of underwear in Nigeria. What we do not have are Nigerian brands associated with this. Have you considered building your own Nigerian underwear brand? This is a gap we hope some Nigerian fashion entrepreneur will fill in 2018.

We confess that it would not be an easy feat considering how established foreign brands are in this our part of the world, but it will be worth the effort when your idea finally blooms.

Clothes remaking and alteration

Ever bought that gown or shirt that wouldn’t fit? Or have you worn it a few times and feel that a few alterations will give it a uniquely new outlook? It may even be an old design that isn’t in vogue again and you would like to do something with. Make nothing waste abeg.

There are some bright minds who are very good with remaking clothes and altering them into wonderful new clothes. If you are one of those or have access to such a person, why not start a clothes remaking and alteration business? With proper packaging and the right clientele, you will be raking in profits within a short time and can even expand to something bigger.

Fashion expos

There are several fashion expos all around the world and some even in Nigeria, especially Lagos. We don’t think these expos are enough since they are usually done on a large scale and as a result, accommodate only the big names. We would like to see many smaller expos where every participant plays an essential role.

These expos offer a lot of potential income for the organiser. Just gather fashion designers who aren’t big enough to make the big expos, make a lot of noise and do some packaging. Profit may not come in from the first expo, to be honest, you may even lose but you learn from experience and soon enough, money starts to flow in for you and the other participants.


There are several small-timers in the business of making handbags, especially ladies’ handbags. But we think that this industry is still underexplored and that a serious entrepreneur with the right resources can do a lot in this field. Bold and unique designs combined with proper marketing would do a lot of magic.

Like every other business, a lot of market research and planning needs to go into this. If you are considering the handbags sector of the fashion industry, you should also be ready to go through some rough times before your product is accepted and the money starts to flow. You may be lucky however and hit the ground running.

 Fashion Blogging

Fashion blogging is a thing already. So we are not asking you to jump on the bandwagon, though that’s not a bad idea if you think you can do it better. Our advice is that you look at a niche that is not well explored. For example, you can consider doing sewing tutorials or make it your business to discover cheap fashion retail stores or perhaps venture into fashion vlogging. Just do something new, something cool.

Clothes Rental

Sounds ridiculous right? But it’s actually very viable. Renting clothes for occasions like weddings and costumes.

Also, celebrities often can’t wear the same outfit twice? Have you considered helping them make money by renting out these clothes to ordinary people who want to look good to events and dates? Of course, it would be a discreet service but it is a business idea that can make loads of profit.

Children’s clothing

Children’s clothing can be expensive and even scarce. You should find ways to make them more affordable and available. Investing in children’s clothing line promises a lot of profit, particularly if you have properly studied the sector and understand the metrics.

Material sourcing

Sourcing materials for cloth manufacturers both on a large scale and small scale can be very profitable. You can make money from being a middleman who knows the right place to find the right materials. There are already large markets that cater to this, all you need is to liaise with the vendors and the manufacturers thereby saving everyone stress.

Online Design School

There are loads of fashion design schools already. Starting one online that effectively teaches fashion design will surely make money for you. Whether you offer the training for a fee or make it free, executing the idea well will be a money spinner.


These nine ideas can be remixed and refined or used as they are presented, the bottom-line is to make something of your interest in the fashion industry. Success depends on how creative and hardworking you are with execution.

What are you waiting for?

We wish you the very best in your fashion enterprise. If you have any ideas you are willing to share, please drop your comments in the box below.

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