The Journey of an African Monarch- Omoregie Osakpolor


Artist Statement

This series is on the coronation of the Oba of Benin of Kingdom, Oba Ewuare II as he becomes the 40th ruler of the ancient kingdom. It takes us through the journey of his two weeks coronation process- the reenactment of historical events and the rituals and mysticism embedded in it.

It showcases the rich cultural heritage of one of Africa’s oldest and surviving civilizations.

About Omoregie Osakpolor

Omoregie is an emerging documentary and fine art photographer based in Lagos, Nigeria. As a photographer, he believes photography is a powerful tool that can be used to bring about societal change. Photography to him is a powerful medium for promoting and preserving the African culture. His work focuses on culture, religion and socio-economic issues (the effects of globalization).

Some of his works have been published by online magazines in Nigeria and Mexico and by leading Nigerian blogs.

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