5 Reasons Everyone Should Learn How to Write

how to writeWriting is an important skill. It’s an expression of you. For many reasons everyone should learn how to write. Especially the creative soul.

The art and science of writing is one that confers a multitude of benefits, both short term and long term. Here are five reasons why everyone should be a writer:

Everyone has something to say– You matter, what you have to say matters. You probably have a thousand ideas in your head you’ll like to put into perspective and share with the rest of the world. Writing is a sure-fire way to achieve those. Write a book, an article, blog-post, novel. Just put it down and share.

Therapy– Writing is therapy. By the time you start to string your thoughts and ideas together, express your concerns, put your hopes down in black and white, you will most likely start to feel less burdened and achieve some clarity. The more you write, you will learn about yourself inevitably, as the writing will reflect your weaknesses, expose your strengths and highlight your purpose if you previously thought you didn’t have one.

Sharing- When you write on your field of expertise, you market yourself and share your expertise.

By writing and sharing with the rest of the world, you add value to the consumers of your writing. Whether directly or indirectly. The ideas, knowledge and experiences you share becomes a resource for others who want to draw from your pool of knowledge and they don’t have to talk to you directly to learn from you.

You live on after death- Needless to say, what you put down is a foot print you leave in this world. Even while you are alive, it is a reference point for you and others. It will serve history.

Learning– And to top it all, you learn. Double-checking facts, researching details will definitely add to your knowledge. You refresh your knowledge and understanding of things, get to know new stuff and even stumble on new related details. Your mind is sharpened and by sharing you get to engage others an continue learning.

Writing is definitely something everyone should learn, especially to foster your creativity. The internet is full of writing tips for persons interested in improving their writing.

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