Aiki Ifeoluwa’s THE MAKING OF VIRU: Memoirs of High School

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What defines us as individuals, what makes each person Unique, is the total culmination of the genes inherited from our ancestors and the experiences we’ve been through.

This book is a collection of my experiences in secondary school, and I solemnly swear that they are the truth, nothing but the truth. Well, except where a little exaggeration would advance my story.

So, grab a bottle of Fanta, sit back and enjoy the tale.

-Aiki Ifeoluwa

About the author

Ifeoluwa Aiki is a tech nerd and a writing enthusiast who loves a good yarn. He’s a self-published author and his short pieces are up on different literary blogs and websites. When he’s not busy being a clown on Facebook, he is hosting flash fiction competitions on his wall

Download The Making of Viru

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