Video Documentary: Bariga by Iyinkaye Al-Alameen


Artist Statement:

The Bariga seaside community is a waterfront community in Lagos with the major occupation of its settlers being fishing.

But there is something beautiful about this community. Asides the peace and accommodating aura that greets you welcome, they are using art to change the lives of kids, families and their community.
With the creation of the seaside cottage theatre over ten years ago by a young man with the sole desire to rewrite his dreams by inspiring the younger generation in his community, life has become colorful and kids have been taken out of the streets, trained and carried around the world to do what they do best; dance!

There’s a saying here that goes “see the colours not the dirt”, because colours add beauty to nature and colour is love. These kids are adding value to their community through art thereby preparing themselves for a global change that starts with communities.

About Iyinkaye Al-Ameen

Iyinkaye Al-Ameen is a portrait and fashion photographer, and budding cinematographer based in Lagos, whose interest is focused on telling African stories of culture, tradition, religion and society.

A graduate of Computer science and mentee of the prestigious Nlele institute, his career has evolved over the years and endeared him to the hearts of clients and colleagues and he is oftentimes referred to as the “shaper of light and darkness”.

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