POP UP at the Canal West Mall – October 2021

POP UP is a two-day immersive art and crafts fair organised by Kurating in partnership with Canal West Mall with the theme: THE WAY YOU ARE.

Featuring a diverse range of creative works, it will promote the inspired art of young gifted Nigerians who explore the theme in imaginative and original ways.

Works Featured

  • Ofure – Olaniyi Omotayo
  • Black Pride – Olaniyi Omotayo
  • In her dignity – Olaniyi Omotayo
  • Dreamer – Olaniyi Omotayo
  • Stronger together – Olaniyi Omotayo
  • Passenger – Seidougha Linus Eyimegha
  • Go slow – Seidougha Linus Eyimegha
  • Educated Agbero – Seidougha Linus Eyimegha
  • Agbero – Seidougha Linus Eyimegha
  • Memories – Usoro Iniobong Daniel
  • Child of fire – Usoro Iniobong Daniel
  • Heart of Africa – Usoro Iniobong Daniel
  • Harn – Usoro Iniobong Daniel
  • Tuareg man – Usoro Iniobong Daniel
  • Hair- my identity – Anthonia Ndukauba
  • Holding onto confidence – Anthonia Ndukauba
  • Soul Search – Anthonia Ndukauba
  • When silence speaks – Anthonia Ndukauba
  • Black lives matter – Anthonia Ndukauba
  • Ekaette – Ene Jessica
  • Akpan – Ene Jessica
  • Iyak Iba(two fish) – Ene Jessica
  • The old lantern – Abdulazeez Ganiyat
  • Omoluabi (Good child) – Abdulazeez Ganiyat
  • Self love – Abdulazeez Ganiyat
  • End racism – Abdulazeez Ganiyat
  • Freedom – Adekile Mayowa
  • Not Limited I – Adekile Mayowa
  • Not Limited II (Fearless) – Adekile Mayowa’
  • Untitled – Adeduro Oluwateniola Henrietta
  • Love ^ LOATH – Adeduro Oluwateniola Henrietta
  • LISZTOMANIA – Adeduro Oluwateniola Henrietta
  • Untitled – Adeduro Oluwateniola Henrietta
  • Like flying birds, time also has wings – Tejiri Esewhaye
  • My Look – Francis Oshorenoya David
  • Self Love 2 – Francis Oshorenoya David
  • Man Standing Tall – Francis Oshorenoya David
  • Self-love – Francis Oshorenoya David


Artists’ Bios

Seidougha Linus Eyimegha

Seidougha Linus Eyimiegha derives his ideas from the Danfo geometric symbols, images, texts and contemporary language in Lagos. Hence, his works replicate this unique aspect of Lagos State and bring to context the traits of local art forms and contemporary designs consumed in popular culture. 

He shares his personal experiences in the big picture of the Lagos story and what it means to survive in Lagos. His subject matter has a sturdy tie to the issues of lower-class Lagosians that dominantly travel with the Lagos Danfo.

Usoro Iniobong Daniel

Bio Iniobong Usoro is a self-taught artist from southern Nigeria. He is a conceptual artist, expressing his ideas through acrylic paints and ink pens. Growing up in Eket, Nigeria, his inspiration has always been nature and the environment ever since his first artwork at a very young age. His living room in Lagos, Nigeria, serves as the studio where he currently creates his work.

“My paintings bring me peace and a means to communicate my feelings to the world. And my highest goal is achieved when my audience can relate to these feelings.”

Anthonia Ndukauba

Anthonia (born 1996) is a conceptual artist whose artistry focuses primarily on figurative depictions of the human body in its natural form. She hails from Umuahia North, Abia State, Nigeria, where she also had her Primary and Secondary education. Anthonia earned her Bachelors Degree in Fine and Applied Arts with a major in painting from Alex Ekwueme Federal University, Ebonyi State. She exhibited her vibrant works at the Awka Art exhibition in Anambra state in 2019 and showcased her artwork at iDesign Art’s affordable art sale in Lagos State. She also had her debut solo exhibition in Ibadan, Oyo state at Arnheim Art Gallery, 2020 and recently had her second Solo Exhibition at Alliance Francaise, Ibadan, Oyo State, 2021.

Anthonia predominantly works with conventional materials, including oil, acrylic paint, and charcoal on both canvas and paper. She uses her artwork as a medium to defy society’s standards of unrealistic body ideologies. She believes that through her depiction of the human form, she will inspire both genders to confidently embody their figures and emphasise their natural essence.

Ene Jessica

Jessica is a visual artist based in Lagos, Nigeria whose creative style of work is painting. Her works are a constant search for the best way to express her ideas about her culture and societal identity. She uses her works to educate and draw viewers attention to certain issues that need to be exposed and addressed. She does not limit herself to one medium, concept or style as she gets her inspiration from different things, places, people and her imagination.

Abdulazeez Ganiyat

Abdulazeez Ganiyat is a fine artist that grew up in Lagos, Nigeria.

She finished her OND and HND programs at the prestigious Yaba college of technology. Her goal as an artist is to examine ordinary things by presenting them in an unusual context; her painting is at the intersection of surrealism, impressionism and realism. She believes that painting is about the creation of the original and the result of significant technical consideration. She is amazed about the power and magic of painting, its ability to capture uniqueness and the mind of the viewers.

Adekile Mayowa

Mayowa Adekile is a native of Ilesha, Osun State, Nigeria. He started drawing at a tender age by emulating his elder brother, who drew habitually. The story of Mayowa as a Visual Artist was established on mentorship by an artist in Ilesha. He was exposed to hyperrealism and highly detailed drawings under his mentor’s tutorship, which quality shone in all his works. Although a mathematics graduate, his passion for art is as strong as ever; during his undergraduate days in University, he was responsible for some artists associations, mentoring the young amateur artists and organising some school exhibitions. As a Mathematician, he explored the relationship between visual art and mathematics. Mayowa confirmed and put into practice his hypothesis on the relationship between both by using an algorithm and a mathematical formula called GOLDEN RATIO for making perfect drawings. He was able to see the advantages of pixel and resolution combined with the golden ratio to make a perfect drawing.

The references he uses for his works are things he sees, thinks and feel about life. A closer look at his works would show you how much of a philosopher he is. The essence of his works is to show everyone the vices, good, bad and beauty of the world and how influential art can be as a means for change agitations.

Adeduro Oluwateniola

Adeduro Oluwateniola Henrietta is a 17-year-old self-taught artist from Ondo state who resides in Lagos state. She deals in different art styles such as realism, charcoal art, acrylic painting and mixed media art. 

Her art focuses mainly on portraying emotions and the beauty in just feeling things and simply existing. 

Tejiri Esewhaye

Tejiri Esewhaye (born 1997) is a self-taught expressive multimedia visual artist gifted with various art styles. His art covers a wide range of areas such as societal issues, life activities, the immediate environment, topical human issues, and cultural diversity. He aims always to use his art to give hope to his audience and usher them into an artistic world of possibilities.

Francis Oshorenoya David

Born 12 February 1995, Francis is a Visual Artist that specialises in painting and photography. He had his first degree in painting in 2017 and has been practising as a full-time studio artist in Abuja, Nigeria. Nature, forms inspire him, and some trending events around his environment are evident in his creation, where he uses colours, texture, and brush strokes to simplify forms. He is so passionate about human existence, and his paintings focus on man’s emotional state and how man relates with his environment. Also, some of his works focus on the concept of beauty and its values.

He has participated in various exhibitions in Nigeria and abroad, and his works are collected locally and abroad.

Olaniyi Omotayo

OLANIYI OMOTAYO is a self-taught artist who has loved drawing right from his childhood. His passion for art began to increase as he grew up. He started his art career professional when he got to the University. Despite studying business administration and bagging a first-class in his bachelor’s degree, he did not forgo his passion for art.