MCAA to spotlight female African artists, host chat with Mama Nike in 6th Miniature Exhibition themed “Her-Story Re-framed”

In the wake of this year’s International Women’s Day Celebration, the Patrons Modern and Contemporary African Arts (MCAA) has announced the date for her 6th Miniature Exhibition themed “Her-Story Re-framed.”

When is the event slated for?

The event is scheduled to be held at the Arts Hotel in Lagos from March 30th to April 14th, 2024.

The leading art advisory and dealership firm, MCAA, announced the schedule during a press conference recently held at the Arts Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Why it matters?

“Her-Story Re-framed” as the event theme is significant and inspired by the 2024 International Women’s Day Celebration. Similarly, the focus will be on women and it will enable female artists to tell their stories using canvas effectively.

The bigger picture

The art exhibition, targeted at reclaiming feminine narratives, redefining icons, and inspiring inclusion through arts, further reframes the African women’s narrative to the world.

Featured artists

The MCAA 6th Miniature Exhibition will spotlight three talented and well-exhibited female artists from Francophone countries. These artists will have the leverage to tell their incredible stories through their 20 works of art.

They are Asa Mansongi from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kristine Tsala from Cameroun, and Falhone Ogoun from the Benin Republic.

Chat with Mama Nike to discuss the future of the African Arts Industry

The event will also feature a fireside chat, featuring women in business, finance, and the arts as they will discuss the way forward for the African art industry.

Leading the discussion panel will be Mama Nike, renowned for her creative prowess and her quest to use arts and crafts to revive the African traditional practice.

Topical issues centred on opportunities, funding, art financing, support for women artists, and export potential in art collections, will also take centre stage.

Meet the Featured artists

Kristine Tsala

Kristine Tsala is an amazing visual artist from Cameroun, who has polished her acrylic technique, oil painting, fabric collages, reliefs and most importantly water-colour, with the freedom of artistic creativity serving as a guiding principle.

Asa Mansongi

Born and raised in the Democratic Republic of Congo and now based in Douala in Cameroon, Aza Mansongi has showcased her work extensively in group and solo exhibitions in the DR Congo, South Africa, France, Switzerland and USA. She loves to use her brush and paints to creatively capture a likeness and she usually calls her painting, in her own words: “The dance of lines”.

Aesthetically, her painting is a mix of abstract characters with bright colours and the particularly noticeable presence of strong lines.

Falhone Ogoun

Falhone Ogoun is a captivating visual artist, from Benin Republic leaving her mark on the art scene with her thought-provoking creations. Her work is characterized by powerful use of colour, texture and symbolism often drawing inspiration from her cultural heritage.

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