3 Things Savvy Artists do to Stay Healthy

Staying alive may not be up to you, but you can play your part to live out your life to the fullest, in optimum health. Here are three things smart artists do to stay healthy:

1. They buy the right equipment

Image by Oladimeji Ajegbile from Pexels
Image by Lazaro Rodriguez Jr. from Pexels

Smart artists never compromise on their safety. From buying the right clothes for work be it trainers or spandex pants, to buying the right type of chairs, etc., smart artists never compromise on their well-being by buying cheap low-quality equipment to save a few pennies today. Remember the penny-wise pounds foolish saying? Buying a cheaper but wrong equipment tends to be more expensive in the long run as the money spent fixing the problems caused by not-so-great equipment, is usually astronomical compared to the cost of buying the right equipment in the first place. Illnesses like broken limbs, back pain, bad eyesight etc. are usually the resultant effects of using bad equipment which show up later in life.

2. They pay attention to their diet

Image from Pexels by Ella Olsson

Ever heard the saying you are what you eat? Research has shown that every cell in our body has a shelf life. When these cells wear out, they are replenished, and the quality of the new cells produced by your body, is directly determined by the food you eat. A diet filled with healthy nutritious food as opposed to fast food helps you build cells that work better and are less susceptible to disease and premature aging. Smart artists eat more vegetables and fruits, exercise for at least 150 minutes (moderate exercise routines) or 75 minutes (rigorous exercise routines) weekly. Examples of artists who eat clean and exercise include Pablo Picasso (in his life time), Jayz etc.

3. They have health insurance

Image by Negative Space from Pexels

Another popular saying is that everyone is generally, one sickness away from poverty. God forbid yea? Yes, but we must hope for the best, and prepare for the worst. The sickness in question may not necessarily be terminal like some cancers, but do ask yourself, if you were to undergo an appendix surgery for example, that costs an average of N500,000 where would that leave you financially? Do your entire savings get wiped away in that one swipe? By the nature of your art practice, you are probably a freelancer or self-employed with no Human Resource Managers to schedule your insurance payments, HMOs, tax etc. so the bulk of safeguarding yourself rests solely on you. Thankfully, today with as little as N3,500 monthly, you can get health insurance to cover for a wide array of illnesses. So, insure yourself today and you’d be better of for it.

Do take care of yourself. As always, we are rooting for you.  

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