What You Should Know

Kurating is an online gallery dedicated to discovering, exhibiting and rewarding top-notch creativity.

Creativity in the Kurating context is broad and covers fashion, writing, music, film, design, software, cuisine, architecture, publishing, photography, craft, performance and any other form of creative effort.

In accordance with our objectives to discover and reward creativity, we also have a payment policy where creative folks whose works have been selected and exhibited are paid according to the level of engagement on their exhibited works.

We encourage you to capture your creative endeavors on video, audio, photo and text and send to us so that we can consider it for our next exhibition.


Submission Guidelines

  • Please ensure that your video, audio and visual submissions are of good quality and in formats that can be easily viewed.
  • Note that we only accept one entry per person for every exhibition. You may have multiple content so long as they are related and can be grouped together.
  • All files in one entry should not exceed 20MB
  • You may send us previews within the size limit if your intended entry exceeds 20MB. We’ll contact you if we are interested in seeing the whole work.
  • Please ensure that you are the creator of any work you are submitting and have the full rights to do so. We will not be liable for any breach of intellectual property rights resulting from illegal submissions.
  • While we may consider erotic works, please do not send in pornographic materials as they would not be considered.
  • We are more likely to accept photo submissions containing at least four photos while
  • Text submissions may be of any length under 30,000 words.
  • 5 to 15 minutes audio and video clips are ideal, feel free however to send works outside this limits.
  • Please note that we cannot contact everyone. You will only be contacted if we select your work for our next exhibition. We may contact owners of works that make a strong impression for other considerations.
  • Note that copyright in your work remains yours and we will take it down should you instruct us to at any time. However, taking it down during the exhibition month automatically cancels payment that accrues to you.
  • Submission details for every exhibition is posted alongside the call for submissions and may be found on our submissions page.
  • Please contact admin@kurating.com for more information and clarification.

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